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The limited edition

'Barely There' 

Gold Collection

The ‘barely there’ collection stands for longevity, purity and delicacy. Jewellery that is crafted with the wearer in mind. Lightweight, fine and minimal - so comfortable to wear you forget you are wearing anything. Thats until the sun catches your gold and sparkles in the light. 


When buying from atypical thing your conscious can be clear as the limited edition collection is made using 100% recycled solid 9ct gold. We don’t believe that jewellery should ever be plated or gold filled.


Jewellery made using these processes become unsustainable due to the toxic chemicals used to produce such a finish and also the fact that it simply will not last. The surface will begin to wear with regular use - exposing its cheap base metal.


Thats why here at Atypical Thing we only use solid recycled materials that will last forever - no matter how often you decide to wear your jewellery.


Jewellery designed and crafted to last a lifetime.

Check out the collection look-book bellow

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